Our Core Values
These five characteristics describe the type of church that we want to be.
  • Gospel-Centered
    • We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ dying for broken people is not just the ABC's of Christianity, but the A to Z of Christianity, and this message informs everything that we do as a church.
  • Communal
    • We believe that the grace of the gospel is meant to be experienced and expressed together, in community with one another, so we prioritize opportunities to be together.
  • Missional
    • We believe that the gospel is a message that needs to be shared through word and deed with all people, so we seek to do that together as a church through creative service and outreach.
  • Sacramental
    • We believe that the gospel is not just an intangible reality, but it is a truth that is made tangible to us by God's presence mediated through ordinary, everyday stuff of life. We see this most clearly through a weekly celebration of the Lord's Supper, but also through baptism, the preached word, and experiencing God in the everyday.
  • Confessional
    • We believe that the message of the gospel is not something the church has just discovered, but is a reality the church has been growing in for centuries. So we lean on the historic creeds and confessions to help us in our understanding of this ancient truth.