Meet Our Team

As a Presbyterian congregation, our Church is led by a Pastor and Elders and our Elders are assisted by a Servant Leader board. We also have a small staff team who helps with various ministries.

Slb 8298
Milas Shepherd
  • Pastor
Church media day 9419
Matt Korman
  • Pastoral Apprentice & Director of College Ministry
Church media day 9501
Becca Torres
  • Director of Children's Ministry & Marketing
Slb 8211
Tyler Greenwood
  • Elder
Church media day 9390
Mark Persson
  • Elder
Slb 8306
Alex Torres
  • Elder
Slb 8245
Chelsea Greenwood
  • Servant Leader
Ashley Shepherd
  • Servant Leader
Church media day 9429
Shari Thomas
  • Servant Leader
Church media day 9462
Alice Truscott
  • Worship Leader
Church media day 9469
Kyle Truscott
  • Worship Leader